Arrival Oil Tools engineers and manufactures innovative downhole drilling tools for the oil and gas industry. Arrival is headquartered out of Leduc, Alberta, Canada and out of our facility we provide mechanical engineering services, manufacturing, quality control and field operations. In addition, we have a mechanical engineering office in Calgary, Alberta and an electrical engineering and product development team based in Carlisle in the UK. One of our core design focuses is to develop technology that almost “runs itself”. Arrival’s target customers are those operators who want to employ the latest in proven downhole technologies to minimize their operational risk in terms of time and cost. Building an international reputation as an innovator of reliable and leading technology, Arrival has proven its “from the ground-up” engineering methodology time and time again, and continues to set new benchmarks in development timelines and field performance.

" When comparing offset wells with identical BHA designs and similar weight on bit, the differential pressure and rate of penetration was always greater with the Typhoon Reamer than without. MSE also trended in expected direction with higher rates of penetration in every case. "

— Robert Clary, Drilling Engineer Midland Basin

Arrival is committed to investing in its team of engineers and technical support personnel in order to achieve the exceptional level of product quality and durability the industry demands.

From ongoing training in emerging technologies and science to maintaining an environment that supports a healthy work/life balance, employees are the company’s most valued asset and are provided with exceptional care and support. Arrival also institutes an ethical code of conduct that lends high regard for community responsibility and support. Additionally, Arrival’s engineering efforts are conducted under the guidelines and ethical practices as defined by APEGA, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.


Our people always keep us a step ahead because they have the experience, wisdom and desire to always provide innovative technology.


New technology has enabled the drilling industry to change dramatically. Companies like Arrival Oil Tools continue to design innovative technologies which reduce drilling times and well construction cost.


The oil and gas industry today requires reliable technology that eliminates as much non-productive time as possible.

Our focus has been to develop drilling technology that required both mechanical and electrical engineering expertise. Many of the mechanical systems we have developed are now in the field fulfilling many industry requirements. Going forward, the more complex technologies which encompass both mechanical and electrical engineering are now in the field testing or shop testing phase. Almost all of the technologies we have introduced are patented and we believe these technologies will contribute to the industry in a very positive way.

Typhoon - Bi-Directional Reamer

The Typhoon is designed to ream out sections of high frequency wellbore spiraling, sections of parallel misalignment, key seats, and dogleg tortuosity. The reamer does this by combining optimized placement of cutting structure and hole cleaning with a rotational reaming capability. The reamer body incorporates two sets of cutting structures into two integral blade stabilizers, one oriented in the downhole and the other oriented in the uphole direction. Polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC) are brazed into a replaceable wedge block located in the ends of each of the stabilizer blades.

  • Chevron Style Stabilizer Blades: The two integral blade stabilizers have a combination left hand/right hand blade wrapping to provide 360° support around the circumference of the reamer and provides low torque characteristics.
  • Cuttings Agitation and Flow Accelerator: Between the two stabilizers, an impellor and a contoured ‘bulb’ (flow accelerator) agitate cuttings on the low side of the borehole to mix the cuttings in with the drilling mud which aids in hole cleaning and cuttings mobilization.
  • Cutting Structure: Fixed cutters with no moving parts or bearings mean that there is less risk in having a downhole failure.
  • Optimized Stabilizer Blade Diameter and Length: The outer diameter of the stabilizer blade and the distance between the uphole and downhole PDC cutters was specifically chosen to match the dimensions of a packer element; demonstrating that the reamer will go through the hole proves that there will be less problems running the packer into the same hole.

Tsunami - Axial Friction Reduction Tool

Engineered to go further than other Friction Reduction Devices (FRD) and built to achieve superior performance with unsurpassed reliability. The Tsunami ™ offers unmatched control and flexibility in downhole drilling performance. With patented on-demand functionality, the Tsunami offers clients a way to change amplitude, frequency, and power without tripping.

  • Surface Chemically Hardened Materials
  • Premium Steel Components – North American steel products
  • PDC Thrust Bearings – PDC bearings provide longer life
  • Custom Power Section – Proprietary use in the Tsunami
  • Low Friction Bearings – Less friction means lower operating pressures
  • Dart System – Flexibility to control the tool frequency and mode from surface
  • Valve Setup – Proprietary design allows for lower PSI drop
  • Shock Tool – Arrival has its own patented Shock Tool
  • Safety Joint – Arrival manufactured and designed

Cuttings Bed Mobilizer™ - Debris Management Tool

Designed for maximum performance and easy handling in horizontal or deviated wells, the Cuttings Bed Mobilizer™ is useful in reducing torque and drag problems by removing cuttings resting on the low side of the wellbore, while strategic placement of clusterite and stabilizer orientation are tailored and built into the tool to assist in reaming operations. Reduction of the ECD (equivalent circulating density) by keeping the wellbore clear of cuttings is one of the major benefits of using the Cuttings Bed Mobilizer™.

  • Short Overall Length: Designed for easy rig floor handling and more cost effective manufacturing and transportation.
  • Conventional Right-Hand Wrapped Stabilizer: Full 360° support minimizes wear to the major diameter of the tool joint and rotor blades.
  • Combination Left/Right-Hand Wrapped Stabilizer: Assists in hole cleaning and moving cuttings and debris during back-reaming operations.
  • Clusterite Covered Leading Edges: Aggressive stabilizer edges break up large hole debris and cuttings but will not affect hole gauge.
  • Cuttings Agitation: Rotor blades lift cuttings off of the low side of the borehole and auger them into the mud flow.

VersaStabe Jr.™ - Downhole Adjustable Stabilizer

The VersaStabe Jr.™ is a downhole, hydraulically-actuated stabilizer. Designed for use in a 2D directional drilling application to help control the inclination in an extended reach or horizontal well, the VersaStabe Jr.™ can be utilized in a conventional rotary bottom hole assembly, or positioned above or below a steerable motor. The gauge diameter of the stabilizer is controlled remotely by the pumps on surface.

The unique blade geometry of the VersaStabe Jr.™ makes it the only downhole adjustable stabilizer that combines ease of sliding when run above a motor, with improved cuttings transport when rotating. The VersaStabe Jr.™ is a shorter but equally robust version of the VersaStabe™.

  • Provides 2D steering control in a conventional drilling application with low operating cost.
  • Carbide hardfacing and diamond coating on blades and pistons provide long wear life and reduced operating costs.
  • Unique blade profile aids in hole cleaning while rotating and allows for easy sliding.
  • Tool is operated by cycling the rig pumps. Standpipe pressure indicates piston position resulting simple operation.

ESM Logger - Downhole Shock & Vibration Data Logger

Shock and vibration is increasingly acknowledged to be the source of unnecessary expense when drilling a well. The ESM (Environmental Severity Measurement) Logger is designed to put reliable shock and vibration data in the hands of drilling experts so that they can use this vital information to effectively implement procedures and practices which will control these expenses. Shock and vibration analysis will aid in providing a better understanding of drilling dynamics.

  • The ESM Logger measures and records data using 3 accelerometers in each of 3 axes; X, Y, and Z. Data is recorded to memory for post well analysis and is easily exported to any analysis software.
  • The rugged and compact design allows the ESM Logger to be installed anywhere in the drillstring or bottom hole assembly.
  • Multiple ESM Loggers can be run in the drillstring at the same time.
  • The ESM Logger is used to correlate shock and vibration characteristics to drilling parameters such as drilling performance or downhole failures.

Safety Joint™ - Drill String Disengagement Tool

Designed to provide easy release whenever disengagement becomes necessary, the Safety Joint™ will transmit torque in the right-hand direction but will back-off and disengage when required to release from stuck downhole string assemblies.

The Safety Joint™ can be designed to fit a full range of sizes, threaded connections, lengths, etc. Arrival Oil Tools will work with the customer to meet their exact requirements.

  • Quickly and reliably disconnect the drill string through left-hand drill pipe rotation.
  • Safely remove valuable equipment or equipment that prevents wireline fishing of MWD.
  • No special handling requirements.
  • Safety Joint can be configured to operate with any available drill-pipe thread including exotic dual-shouldered connections.

diMotor - Mud-Lubricated Drilling Motor

Arrival’s diMotor is a mud-lubricated drilling motor incorporating high-capacity Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) thrust-bearings and robust carbide-tile radial bearings. The motor is designed for easy service while maintaining high load bearing capacity. The diMotor can be utilized with any bottom-hole assembly and stands out on high-torque and high weight-on-bit applications. The diMotor PDC thrust bearings provide extremely long wear life due to the low coefficient of friction and high wear properties of the diamond inserts. There is a considerable increase in wear life when compared to conventional bearing backs incorporating angular contact bearings.

The drive assembly incorporates a newly designed universal joint to provide increased strength and performance. An adjustable bend assembly or fixed housing are available to provide the driller with whatever offset angle is desired. The diMotor is available in all sizes from 5” up to 9-5/8”. Any Positive Displacement Power Section can be utilized with the diMotor.

  • State-of-the-art PDC diamond thrust bearings.
  • Proprietary Double-Shouldered connection provides increased torque capability of internal drive components.
  • Short bit-to-bend due to compact nature of diamond thrust bearings.
  • Wide range of torques and weight-on-bit capacity.
  • Operates in any drilling environment with any power section.
  • Adjustable and fixed housing configurations available.
  • Shaft-saver and rotor catch devices provide enhanced peace-of-mind.

Antenna Rod - EM MWD Data Transmission Solution

Arrival’s EM Antenna Rod provides a rugged, high-performance electrical contact for EM MWD Telemetry systems. Using extra thick Beryllium Copper contact springs, the antenna rod provides a high-capacity electrical connection to the uphole side of the Gap Sub electrical break. The contacts are supported by rugged centralizers to provide increased performance and life by preventing wear to the outside of the springs due to rubbing. The antenna rod can be designed to run in conjunction with EM MWD systems currently in the market.

  • Rugged contacts that do not wear into thin sections leading to failures.
  • Provides electrical break in internal MWD Sonde required for EM Dipole transmission.
  • Can be configured to operate in any EM MWD application.
  • Length of rod and connections can be configured to meet customers needs.

Antenna Sub - Electrical Gap Sub

The Antenna Sub is placed in the bottom hole assembly to create an electrical break in the drill string. This electrical break is used by Electromagnetic Measurement While Drilling (EM MWD) equipment to initiate a subsurface signal which conveys real-time drilling parameters and information to the surface.

Our latest generation of Antenna Sub has been designed for quick and easy service in any shop capable of servicing downhole tools.

  • Rugged design, will not wash out and lead to failures.
  • Versatile design allows for easy servicing of sealing features and quick turn-around.
  • Shop serviceable in any location capable of making and breaking drill pipe connections.
  • When coupled with the Arrival Antenna Rod, any existing EM system can be adapted for use with the Gap Sub.

Anvil - Hydromechanical Drilling Jar

The Anvil Drilling Jar is installed in any drill string to provide means to unstick a drill string should it become wedged into the formation. The increased stroke length of the Anvil provides operators with a larger impact than other available jars. The bi-directional jar action gives the operator the ability to fire the jar in the uphole or downhole directions. Accidental firing of the jar is prevented by a mechanical latch that holds the internal mandrel in place during tripping and drilling operations.

  • Simple operation with hydraulic delay upstroke and mechanical downstroke.
  • Internal Lee Visco Jet metering valve provides reliable and repeatable hydraulic delay that is temperature independent providing consistent timing even during repeated firing.
  • Large through bore for high flow rates and MWD sonde retrieval.
  • Can be used in directional, horizontal and extended reach wells.
  • Robust internal mechanical latch prevents accidental firing.
  • One of the longest strokes available in the industry allows the operator to deliver massive jar impacts to unstick the pipe preventing costly loss of time or equipment.

Short Hop - Telemetry System

The Short Hop Telemetry system provides drillers with up-to-date drilling information where it is needed most. The Short Hop system can be used to position sensors at any position necessary including below the drilling motor. It can be used to provide azimuthal gamma, inclination or pressure data from the drill bit which can be communicated to the MWD system to be transmitted to surface. Additional MWD and LWD sensors may be added to the BHA to provide additional features to existing MWD equipment.

  • Provides near-bit and auxiliary downhole information.
  • Acoustic transmission method allows for use with all types of MWD system.
  • Versatile positioning capabilities.
  • Configurable insert-based design provides long wear life and multiple sensor options.

Autonomous Dual-Telemetry System

Our Dual Telemetry Autonomous System (DTAS) would arrive on the rig already loaded in a drill collar, ready to use. Much like EDR Technicians today, future WMD Technicians will only be required on-site for critical milestones during the drilling process. DTAS can be remotely monitored during the drilling system, thus reducing the risk associated with additional personnel presence on drill sites.

  • Measures Data From Standpipe Transducer
  • Drilling Simulator For Drilling Virtual Well
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Signal Recording and Playback
  • Class Leading Signal Detection
  • EM-Pulse Ready
  • Intrinsically Safe Designs
  • Advanced Hardware Gain Filters

Pressure Logger - Pressure While Drilling Recorder (PWDR)

Modern drilling operations are resulting in increasingly higher standpipe pressures and increased need for larger and stronger surface equipment. In order to identify and eliminate factors leading to increased Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) and Equivalent Mud Weight (EMW), it is important to provide accurate downhole annular pressure information. The Arrival Oil Tools PWDR provides highly accurate data so that drilling experts can determine what factors may be leading to increases in pressure while drilling.

  • Measures and records annular pressure and temperature
  • Provides annular pressure data to analyze and identify sources of increased pressure
  • Diagnoses hole cleaning issues
  • Quantifies surge and swab pressures
  • Rated to 20,000 PSI and 150 degrees Celsius
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Wireline retrievable
  • Download can be imported to any software system

The health and safety of those within Arrival's circle of influence is paramount, and so too is the care and responsibility for the environment in which Arrival may impact. Providing a work place where employees are guarded against illness, and ensuring that the environment is protected for future generations, is the foundation of Arrival's health, safety and environment program.

" Our company men swear by the Typhoon and prefer it over all other reaming while drilling tools. "

— Drilling Engineer, Permian Basin

Building an international reputation as an innovator of reliable and leading technology, Arrival has proven its “from the ground-up” engineering methodology time and time again, and continues to set new benchmarks in development timelines and field performance.

Work more efficiently
Reduce NPT risk
Deliver reliable and consistent results

Looking to start something great?

  • Arrival is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome diversity and the synergy stemming from all perspectives as a result of different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Arrival seeks out personnel with extensive experience in the development of downhole drilling technology.
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering departments ensure multiple technologies can be developed at the same time.
  • Maintain separation between engineering, oil field rentals and the service-based business ensures our professionals can concentrate on R&D.
  • Maintain flexibility on project developments in order to maximize internal cash flow.
  • Arrival is staffed with experienced personnel with a family based company culture.
  • Arrival strives to maintain a work life balance for its employees. We want all employees to be productive and have a life outside of work.
  • Arrival strives to advance as a company so we provide our employees with a flexible work environment.
  • Arrival continually develops leading-edge technology and are pioneers in the downhole directional drilling field.
  • Arrival strives to continually develop, train and advance our employees.
  • We support our employees in growth, development and career advancement.

Arrival is dedicated to provide learning and development opportunities. We expect our employees to strive to learn and develop because we believe that employee growth lies with both employee and employer. We try to put in place the tools so that our employees can be in charge of their own development and allow our employees to have a successful future.

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